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Curatron FLASH Accessories
The FLASH is the newest member of the Curatron family. Unlike its TRUE PEMF cousins such as the Curatron 2000 HT, XP, XPSE, PC and 3D, it uses what's called ringer technology. The FLASH is available with several options and optional accessories or applicators.
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FLASH 7" x 7" Pad Curatron FLASH
FLASH 7" x 7" Pad
MSRP/List: $475.00
Amjo Price: $475.00
Curatron FLASH
Amjo Price: $7,700.00

The 7"x7" pad delivers 5400 Gauss when used without the Booster and an amazing 7000 Gauss with the optional Booster Enabled. Curatron FLASH Control Unit INCLUDES THE POWER BOOSTER and comes complete with 12" Coil Applicator and 18"x18" Pad (The Pad is a zippered bag into which the coil can be inserted)