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Amazing long lasting pain relief Curatron 2000 High Energy Coil "A"
Curatron 2000 HT Home Therapy System
Amjo Price: $3,985.00

The Curatron 2000 HT is the absolute best choice for the budget minded home user. It comes complete with a 70 Gauss full mattress and a 14" x14" 200 Gauss therapy pad for localized treatment. It really is an outstanding value. This coil must be used with a control unit. It is not a standalone product. The coils can be used with the C-2000-XP, C-2000-PC and C-2000-3D Systems. The photo shows the the young lady's hand reesting on the coil which is roughly 8" x  8". This coil generates roughly 450 Gauss (45 mT) with the Curtatron 2000XP and 700 Gauss (70 mT) with the Curatron 2000 PC or the Curatron 2000 3D