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Amazing long lasting pain relief Curatron 2000 High Energy Coil "A" Curatron 2000 Focused Probe for Curatron 2000-HT
Curatron 2000 HT Home Therapy System
MSRP/List: $3,795.00
Amjo Price: $3,575.00
You save $220.00!

The Curatron 2000 HT is the absolute best choice for the budget minded home user. It comes complete with a 70 Gauss full mattress and a 14" x14" 200 Gauss therapy pad for localized treatment. It really is an outstanding value. This coil must be used with a control unit. It is not a standalone product. The coils can be used with the C-2000-XP, C-2000-PC and C-2000-3D Systems. The photo shows the the young lady's hand reesting on the coil which is roughly 8" x  8". This coil generates roughly 450 Gauss (45 mT) with the Curtatron 2000XP and 700 Gauss (70 mT) with the Curatron 2000 PC or the Curatron 2000 3D High Energy Foucused PEMF Probe - The Curatron probe has been designed for very local PEMF treatment and is in addition is very effective for acupuncture applications. The flat surface at the end of the probe has a diameter of 0.7 inches (19 mm) and can be placed directly on the area to be treated with very high pulsing magnetic intensity.