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Full Spectrum Desk Lights for SAD are versatile and dual purpose. These provide 10,000 Lux from 14" to 20" depending on the unit selected. For the treatment of SAD or Winter Depression the head of the lamp is pointed toward the face then at other times during the day they make excellent task or work lights. Many people favor these over the standard light box. SAD Desk Lamps are the most versatile SAD lights.
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Northern Light Technologies SADELITE
Northern Light Technologies - SADELITE Desk Light
MSRP/List: $250.00
Amjo Price: $230.00
Sale Price: $195.00
You save $55.00!

Clients tell us they like the SADelite because it is very user friendly. Clinicians say this results in higher compliance. SADelite is recommended by thousands of physicians and health professionals around the world. The SADelite is a bright light therapy product of top quality, affordable price. A powerful light box designed as a completely adjustable desk lamp, lets you enjoy 10,000 lux, with unmatched comfort. The SADelite : a unique desk lamp, fully adjustable, lets you enjoy 10,000 Lux, with unmatched comfort. World Power 110V to 270V 50/60 Hz