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WL-UV-0001127-PK   0001127PK PACK OF FOUR White Light Bulbs for Philips/Burton UV503 Woods Lamp
WL-UV-1003073PK   1003073PK PACK OF FOUR UVA Bulbs for Burton UV502 and UV503 Woods Lamps
WL-BLB-18W-Lamp   18 Watt UVA Lamp for our Deluxe Round Woods Lamp
SAD-NLT-BOX   BOXelite Light Box
SAD-WI-CSB-White   Caribbean Sun White SAD Light
C-2000-3D   Curatron 2000 3D Ultra Power System with 500 Gauss Mattress
C-2000-PROBE-HT   Curatron 2000 Focused Probe for Curatron 2000-HT
C-2000-PROBE-XP   Curatron 2000 Focused Probe for Curatron 2000-XP, PC and 3D
C-2000-MATTRESS-FULL   Curatron 2000 Full Body Mattress (Aprox 26" x 71")
C-2000-COIL-A   Curatron 2000 High Energy Coil "A"
C-2000-HT   Curatron 2000 HT Home Therapy System
C-2000-LOSSLESS-SWITCH   Curatron 2000 LossLess Combining Switch
C-2000-PC-CONTROL-UNIT   Curatron 2000 PC CONTROL UNIT ONLY (Applicators and Computer not included)
C-2000-PC-Clinical System   Curatron 2000 PC Recommended Clinical System
C-2000-PAD-20x28   Curatron 2000 Therapy Pad (Approx 20" x 28")
C-2000-MATTRESS-TRAVEL   Curatron 2000 Travel Mattress
C-2000-COIL-3D-BF   Curatron 2000 Ultra High Energy Butterfly Coil
C-2000-COIL-B   Curatron 2000 Very High Energy Coil "B"
C-2000-XP-PCReady   Curatron 2000 XP PC Ready Upgrade
C-2000-XP-CONTROL-UNIT   Curatron 2000 XP Therapy System CONTROL UNIT ONLY
C-2000-XPSE-CONTROL-UNIT   Curatron 2000 XPSE (Special Edition) CONTROL UNIT ONLY
C-2000-PEMF-Software   Curatron PEMF Software
C-MAGNET   Curatron Test Magnet - Replacement for Lost Curatron Test Magnet
WL-HH-Round-1   Deluxe Round Hand Held Woods Lamp
WL-HH-Round-220V-Kit   Deluxe UVA Woods Lamp (Round) with 220V Transformer and Spare Lamp
UV-UVB-081-Combo   Dermalight 80 - 220 V 50 Hz - Export Model with Spare PL9SW/01 Lamp
UV-UVB-081   Dermalight 80 - 230V / 50 Hz Export Model
UV-UVB-080-Export-Kit   Dermalight 80 - Export Kit
UV-UVB-080-Export-Kit-Combo   Dermalight 80 - Export Kit with PL9SW/01 Spare Lamp
UV-UVB-080   Dermalight 80 - USA Model
UV-UVB-080-Combo   Dermalight 80 - USA Model with Spare PL9SW/01 Lamp
UV-UVB-090   Dermalume 2X Dual Lamp High Output Wand
WL-AJF4T5BLB   F4-T5 Lamp Black Light Bulb
WL-AJF4T5BLB-Pair   F4-T5 Lamp Black Light Bulb (One Pair - Two Lamps))
WL-AJF4T5BLB-Four   F4-T5 Lamp Black Light Bulb (Set of Four)
C-FLASH-7x7-Pad   FLASH 7" x 7" Pad
WL-GF-2203   GF 2203 UVA & White Light Magnifier
WL-AJUVFL1C   Hand Held Battery Powered Woods Lamp
WL-HH-Rect-1   Hand Held Woods Lamp
UV-HSUNBII   Handisol II - UVB NB Portable Panel
UVITD-Lamp   KBD Vitamin D UV Lamp
WL-AJUV9LED365   LED 9-365 NM Flashlight
C-2000-Combo-Probe   LLLT-PEMF Combo Probe
SAD-NL-FLAMINGO   Northern Light Technologies - Flamingo SAD Light
SAD-NLT-SAD   Northern Light Technologies - SADELITE Desk Light
SAD-NL-TRAVELITE   Northern Light Technologies - TravELITE Desk and Travel Light
SAD-BULB-PL36-1   One PL36 Lamp
SAD-BULB-PL24-2   Pair of PL24 Lamps
UV-PH36   PH-36F UVB Psoriasis Lamp
UV-PL-L 36W/01/4P   PL-L 36W/01/4P UVB Narrow Band Lamp
UV-PL-S9W-01   PL-S9W/01 (/01) Replacement Lamp
Sperti-FijiSun   Sperti Fiji Sun Premium Sunlamp
UV-Step-Down   Step Down Transformer 220V to 110V
SAD-BULB-PL36-3   Three PL36 Lamps
SAD-BULB-PL36-2   Two PL36 Lamps
WL-UV501   UV501- USA Model - Hospital Quality - UVA Illuminator
WL-UV502   UV502-USA Model - Medical Grade Dual Bulb Black Light
WL-UV503   UV503-USA Model - Medical Grade White/Black Woods Lamp
UV-Meter-UVA400C   UVA Calibrated Meter
UV-Meter-UVB500C   UVB and UVB Narrow Band Calibrated Meter

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