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Boxelite Seasonal Affective Disorder Light  by Northern Light Technologies Amjo Sun BRIGHT Solid State Light Box The FIJI Sun is the best value/performance tanner. With 70% UVA and 30% UVB it sets a standard that the others can't match.
BOXelite Light Box
Amjo Price: $199.00
Amjo Sun BRIGHT SAD Light
Amjo Price: $174.95
Sperti Fiji Sun Premium Sunlamp
Amjo Now Price $319.00
KBD Vitamin D UV Lamp
Amjo Price $425.00

Amjo Corp is a diverse small company. We have products in several markets and we do apologize to those who get a little confused in our webstore. We wlecome any and all suggestions for improvements and change. You can email with any suggestions.

It's great to see you here again. If this is your first time or even your tenth, then take your time and look around. Amjo Corp is a small home based business. We've provided exemplary service since 1998. We look forward to serving you.

Today's Super Deal!

Round Woods Lamp - 365 nm UVA Black Light

MSRP/List: $199.95
Amjo Price: $174.95
Sale Price: $174.95
You save $25.00!
Deluxe Round Handheld Woods Lamp / Black Light
This, we believe is our best "premium" quality wood's lamps for use in clinics, doctor's offices, schools etc. It is not approved for in-hospital use here in the USA as it uses a simple two pin standard USA bladed plug.

Top Sellers

Hand Held Woods Lamp
Amjo Price: $89.95
C-2000 XPSE Control Unit
Amjo Price: $6,275.00
The Curatron 2000 HT Home PEMFT
Amjo Price: $3,575.00
Amjosun LED MINI Seasonal Affective Disorder Light
Amjo Price: $69.95

New Products

PEMF and LLLT Combo Probe
Amjo Price: $3,750.00