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World's First Effective Battery Powered PEMF System.
Curamove PEMF System
Sale Price: $1,390.00
Amjo Sun BRIGHT Solid State Light Box
Amjo Sun BRIGHT SAD Light
Our Price: $169.00
LU Systems Lighten Up Plus
Lighten Up Plus by LU Systems
Our Price: $199.00
Deal of the Day Price: $189.00 This is the best priced, full sized light box we carry.

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Curamove PEMF System

Our Price: $1,870.00
Sale Price: $1,615.00
You save $255.00!
World's First Effective Battery Powered PEMF System.
The power of the Curamove surpasses that of all of our competitors. It provides 300 Gauss or 30 milli-Tesla (30 mT) where the others are are just a Gauss or two or simply not published. Speed of Induction is the key! By creating a very fast rise time and then maintaining the intensity for a longer time, the Curamove provides the needed Speed of Induction while delivering high power to the treated area. We supply a simple test magnet so that you can easily feel the pulsing and be assured that your Curamove is working properly. Deep penetration is delivered by the introduction of a uniquely modified sine wave with a very fast pulse rise time. No other battery powered device can provide this rise time and retained power throughout the pulse!

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Battery powered Woods Lamp
Our Price: $24.95

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EXPORT - Hand Held Battery Powered Woods Lamp with Spare UVA Lamp
Our Price: $59.95
lightBox Welproma Facial Tanner
Our Price: $499.00